Thursday, October 23, 2014

To Facebook Fan Page Or Not To Facebook Fan Page?

Back in August, I posted on my Facebook Fan Page that I was considering shuttering it:

 See that big blue "Boost Post" button? That's why. I don't have anything new to add to the chorus of voices decrying this "feature," but I did experiment with Boosting a Post, and $20 and 5,000 reaches later, I had no new likes on the page, and not a single one of the people reached actually clicked the link. Thanks, but no thanks.

The only reason the above screenshotted post had reached 83 people is simply because it's been the most recent post on that page for so long.

Yet, I hesitate to flip the kill switch on the page. After all, when I get to a place in my career where I would actually need a fan page (I'm presumptuous, heh heh), it will be awfully convenient not to have to start from zero likes all over again. For now though, the Fan Page is a cobwebby, ineffective time suck, and I find using my personal page to share my art is much more gratifying.

Speaking of time suck... know this is coming... much as I appreciate the three loyal followers of my blog (I really do!), are writing the updates that are probably kinda boring to anyone who is not invested in my career development really the best use of my time? I felt that the blog was an important thing to have online for potential agents to read so that they could see I wasn't crazy, but now I have an agent. (yay!) I'm not sure how far an editor is going to feel compelled to dig now that I have someone on the inside to vouch for me.

I've considered, now that the landing page of my website doesn't connect to blogspot at all anymore, completely removing the blog, and just letting my art and my submissions speak for themselves.

It's a conundrum!

But again, I hesitate to do anything permanent. Does this mean I'm a webpage hoarder? Are they going to have to call up that reality show Hoarders and clean out my web browser with a shovel? What if I want this blog up at some point, no matter how embarrassing the years-old entries are to me now? It shows my trajectory, my improvement, my dedication to the craft. 

It's not like I would delete it forever, it just would no longer be available for public consumption.

At some point, if I'm lucky, that blog page on my new website will be used for announcing book launches, signings, and tour dates, and there won't be room for all of this personal angst anymore.

Until I get to that point, though, I guess I'll keep updating the blog.

But forget that Facebook Page, haha! ;)

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