Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Benefit of Proximity - Proving I'm Not A Crazy Shut-In!

            You may have noticed that in the last year, this blog has been more focused on outward activities than it was before -- it seems that staying in one's cave making art just means you'll die in an art-covered cave, alone. My desire not to die alone means I've participated in quite a few social events, including writing retreats and illustrator meet-ups with friends I've met along the way. Some pics to prove I'm not making this up:

Here I am at the afterparty for Sara Wilson Etienne's launch of HARBINGER (check out her book trailer; I am one of the crazed fire-lit silhouettes!):

A public outing to Jennifer Bosworth's launch party for STRUCK (check out her book trailer; my elbow makes an appearance in the dance scene!):

And Leigh Bardugo's launch party for SHADOW & BONE:

             In addition to book launches, there have been quite a few get-togethers. SCBWI has been an invaluable resource for me, mostly because without their events, I never would have met these great people and gotten to BASK IN THEIR GENIUS. So here are a few SCBWI semi-sponsored events.

The SCBWI-LA Halloween party in 2011:

The SCBWI-LA Christmas Party in 2011:

              And it's always fun to celebrate other people's successes!

A celebratory lunch for Ken Min's Silver Medal (APALA Honor Book, 2012)

A big ol' illustrator brunch to celebrate Eliza Wheeler making the NY Times Bestseller's List:

            Finally, it's good to get out every once in a while to blow the stink off, but it's even better when I can get some work done while I'm out there!

An Art Day with my illustrator friends: 

A Writing Retreat with my author friends: 

            Why yes, I did just force a mini-photo album onto my blog in an effort to prove to potential editors and agents that I am a sane person with reasonable social skills. What of it? ;)

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