Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Comic-Con 2012

            I’m not exactly sure when I became aware of Comic-Con’s existence, but I do remember thinking it appeared to be the Olympics for nerds. Not being the sporting type, I’d never bothered to find out more about it. Until now. A friend of mine had made a yearly pilgrimage of it and had made it sound like so much fun, I decided I simply had to go. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing, so I looked online and of course it had been sold out for eons before I got there. Luckily, professionals (who get in for free, by the way), are allowed to bring guests, and while I could qualify as a professional, apparently the intertubes are full or something, and it’s like getting a green card in the US – far easily to hitch yourself to someone who already belongs than to wait your turn in line with the zillions of other qualified foreigners. Am I stretching a metaphor? Yes – but it still applies, I think. Except I didn’t actually have to marry my friend (my hubby would have objected greatly). We stayed in neighboring hotel rooms and traveled to and from the con together. My friend Abby came with me and she dressed up one of the days as a character from The Avengers.  (You won’t find me dead in a catsuit). 

            We met up with a bunch of our friends for meals and panels, and even went out to a unicorn rave in some old warehouse district. (Though by the end of that night, we were all complaining about our sore body parts – ah, the joys of getting older!)

          But, the crowds. Oh, the crowds. Thousands upon thousands of People of A Certain Demographic (nerds) pushing and nearly trampling one another, as though you’re in one big open air New York City Subway at rush hour. I fit right in, awkwardly.
            I brought my sketch book and my iPad (for Scrabble on the go!) and even made it a few laps around the pit (we spotted Nathan Fillion and cast members from Glee!) Look at Nathan:

           It helps to go into that giant room with some sort of purpose or goal. Our goal was to take pictures of all the other Avengers so we could have a full set. I think we got everyone except Hulk. I guess there aren’t enough steroid-sucking nerds out there with a penchant for green paint and purple pants.
            Anyway, I had a reasonable time, but when asked if I wanted to attend again in 2013, I passed. Sometimes putting things on a bucket list happens because you don’t know any better. And now I do. ;)

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