Friday, September 17, 2010


Whoa, it’s been over a month since I last posted. The good news is I’ve been MAKING ART fairly continuously in the interim. Here's a little something about a mini-project I did for fun and love.

While I was on the plane to Ireland, I did a series of sketches of “Alphapugs” – Bug Pug (Love Pug) was only the beginning, people! You can see all 21 of my alphapugs at my Facebook fanpage, or by clicking here.

The initial idea was to include a little booklet in the wedding gift bags that I made the label for, but this ended up being a little too weird for the bride and groom. So
I ended up using this sketch series as an excuse to teach myself a new coloring technique in Photoshop and get really fast.

I didn’t get REALLY fast, but I definitely got better. To give you an idea, Fug(ly) Pug was the first one I colored, and one of the last ones I did was Thug Pug.

I posted some of the pug designs on various products up at my Zazzle Store - if you're in the market for pug-related merchandise, please have a look!

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